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BasicFunder Release Notes

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Release 5.24 - Feb 3, 2016

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Changes in this Release

New - Dashboard Menu Item - quick stat overview

New - Reports - Fundraising Overview

Fix - User Created List - Field GL Account when using In List showed incorrect list

Enhance - User Created List - validate And Or logic has corresponding sequence limitation

New - User Created List - more remove options - remove donor from the currently generated list, based on other lists or groups


New - Field on Donor Profile - Skype Id


New - Duplicate Donor button on Name and Address - allows you to create the same name and address and then update new donor - example if you want a separate donor records for husband and wife so that you can track individual volunteer choices


Change - remove auto drop down list on Salutation so that editing is easier - use ALT - Down Arrow to get list or click arrow

New - Donor Link - Sync Address from current donor to linked donors


New - Reprint Letters from History - Email using the receipt email message

New - Reprint - Edit receipt email message


New - Statements - email message is save and can be edited easily

New - Statements - can use custom made letter heads and letter footers


New - Print Unprinted Letters - button to edit email message

New - Volunteer Interest - create a list of activities that volunteers would like to assist with

New - User Created Lists can be used to get lists of volunteers by interest

New - Donor Profile - Volunteer tab - assign volunteer with interests




New - Filter Donors by Volunteer Interest - find volunteers by their interest and navigate quickly to the volunteer




New - Agency - Email Setup - new options for SSL2, SSL3