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BasicFunder Release Notes

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Release 3.93 - Oct. 31, 2012

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Changes in this Release

Enhancement to Group Setup - includes Group Type and Master Grouping

FIX - Events - Registrant Report - Ticket Total Fixed

NEW- Events - New Excel dump - Combined Registrant and Attendee

FIX - Recurring Batch Amount Field Fixed, introduced with new Currency feature

Enhancement - When using Donation Add with Defaults - ReceiptAmount is now automatically defaulted if Letter is a Receipt or Annual Receipt is flagged

NEW Report - Pledge Payment by Year Report - Summary and Detail

FIX - Envelope Printing for Donor Profile was broken by new Seasonal Address


Group Setup





Two additional fields can be setup on Groups - Group Type and Master Grouping.  These fields are optional.


Group Type and Master Grouping - before you can use these, you need to set them up.  You will see two additional Tabs "Group Type Setup" and "Master Grouping Setup" - click on these tabs to setup the codes.





Group Type

Master Grouping

Bayview Fairways School


Junior School

Thornlea Collegiate


High School

St Robert's Secondary


High School

Greenland Public School


Junior School