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BasicFunder Release Notes

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Release 4.13 - Apr. 1, 2013

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Changes in this Release

Change - Fund Setup - Quickbooks - allow association of Bank to Expenses

FIX - Allocated Funds Report - when restricting to selected Funds - the Bank Summary was still showing full amount and was not limited to selected records.

Add - 2nd Salutation Field on Donor Name and Address Profile

Add - More Merge Fields for Letterrs Title, Last Name, 2nd Salutation

Add - Option to Tabular Statistics - Donor Name - so you can have pivot tables down to Donor detail

Add - Option to select Currency Symbol other than the Regional Settings

Add - RFM Analysis  (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)



RFM Analysis


1.Select Donors By - choose which donors are going to be analyzed

2.Recency - Set the Time Periods in Months, for grouping analysis

3.Frequency - Set Minimum and Maximum Gift Count - Ex.  Min and Max = 1 to analyze Donor who have only given once

4.Monetary - Set Life Amount levels, used for grouping analysis

5.Click Calculate

6.Click Print RFM Report





Report shows the number of Donors by Month, Amount and Gift Range selected.




Export - Check the Segments you want exported. - Click Export Donors.